Friday, December 5, 2008

Gettin' jolly with it...and the Cap Bomb Incident

I am finally getting into the Christmas spirit. I was wondering when it would hit, because I am usually in full holiday mode starting right about October 1st. Not sure why the delay this year, but I am glad to not be a Grinch. I was all out of whack because some of my traditions leading up to the season got boogered up this year. We were so focused on our November trip to Disney, that it was hard to plan beyond that. Then, my Black Friday shopping EXTRAVAGANZA! got bumped due to "Pass the Stomach Flu"... that nifty little game we played.

Maybe it is because the weather just really got good and cold. Maybe it is because the kids are watching The Polar Express pretty much non-stop. Who knows? I am just glad to be there. We tagged our tree and will go cut it down sometime next week. I have decorated in the house (well, sans tree) and today, got the outside lights up. Hubs even came out and assisted this year. I know, right? I was shocked, too! He usually thinks that putting up the outside lights is just a PITA, but appreciates them once they are up and running. This year, he was right outside with me, and taking direction. I told him where the lights went, and he followed orders. I know, right, again?! Maybe he is into the holiday spirit as well. Thanks for helping, Big Daddy...even if you did bitch about it a leetle bit.

The kids are way into it, and Hunter is counting down the days thanks to a countdown board we have hanging on the french doors in the playroom.

I highly recommend getting one of these, or even just crossing off days on the calendar to the big day. It keeps the little buggers from asking you "Is it Christmas yet?" so many times that you want to remove your own eardrums with a spoon.

But, if the boy has another day like today at Giant, he is looking at getting a big bunch of nothing from Santa. This brings me to what I call The Cap Bomb Incident. I picked Hunter up from preschool today, and let me say that today was an extended day, wherein they get to go from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. He loves these days, and looks forward to them every week. It does tire him out, though. He takes a hella nap when he gets home, so I know they tucker those kids out with all the fun, fun, fun.

So, I have this brilliant idea to run by Giant after I pick him up (Mistake #1), to get stuff for dinner. He decides he wants to help me shop instead of going into the "play place". I did not see him all day, so I figure, hey, why not? (Mistake #2) All is fine in Giantland until we come across this little dandy looking toy:

Noisy, fun caps without a gun? Right up my alley. And a buck ninety-nine? Sold! (Mistake #3)

But as we walk through the store, he begins acting like the north end of a southbound donkey. I know he was tired, but come the freak on, kid. We were only in there grabbing a handful of things. Then, he sticks out his tongue and spits at me. Oh hell naw. Momma don't play that. I told him if he did it again, I would take the Cap Bomb and put it away. He would get nothing. So, he did what any 4 year old, full of themselves, running on fumes would do. He spit again. I had no choice but take the thing away and put it back. (Not a Mistake.) We then went up to the counter to check out and he realized I was not kidding. I exaggerate not when I say that this is the point that all hell broke loose. He started screaming and crying and trying to throw crap out of the buggy. Maniac. Thank goodness I only had a few things, or I would have just bailed on out of there. I am telling you, the boy lost all control. I had to carry him under my arm while pushing the cart to the parking lot. All the while, he is carrying on, screaming and just being a total pill. I know the entire checkout section had to be watching, but I am so over worrying about that kind of thing. I don't judge when I see a mom having a "moment", and I would hope folks cut me some slack today as well. If not, well, all I can say is sorry if we ruined your shopping experience today, but this is part of my job. Gotta stand your ground with the little dears, or you will suddenly find that the inmates are running the asylum.

Of course, he got it together on the way home. I will be shopping at Weis for a while.


Anonymous said...

Why do we do these things to ourselves? Seriously? I've done that a few times myself. I think oh it's ok it'll be a quick trip. Yeah they are tired but it will be ok. It's never "OK". Ah well.