Monday, December 22, 2008


Not the marshmallowy ones with the sugar on them (although those are deeeee-vine!)...but these kind of peeps...

And I think I can use the word "peeps" since it is totally uncool to use that term, thereby not making it appear that I am trying to be a young'un. When we old farts start using a word, it is rendered instantly uncool. Is "cool" even a cool word anymore...?

Maybe I should say "girlfriends." But that starts way too many wheels going in Dave's head. Especially when he sees pictures of one of them like this:

Seriously, she could make some girl reaaaaaaaaaaally happy. Yahknowwhatimean, Vern?

I love my peeps, girlfriends, buds, whatever you want to call them. Makes living in Whitelegs, PA loads of fun.

As the hubs would say...thanks for the mammaries, girls.

Ya'll are awesome.


Stefanie said...

This is the funniest post I have EVER read! And I completely agree...she could totally make a girl very happy. ;)

Deana said...

LMAO! No, I am not an adamant reader, but I will try to do better. Hee hee. You know you want to try out that tongue. And Dave would want to watch...lol. Does he know your ring tone? ;)

Anonymous said...

I think it's your labels I look most forward to. *LOL*