Friday, December 12, 2008

Dangerous Curves

Christmas has officially arrived at the H house. We went out and Hubs the lumberjack cut down our tree.

(Note the supervisor making sure he does it correctly.)

(Hunter, searching out bugs. Poor kid misses springtime, when there are bugs a-plenty to be found. By the way, this was before he realized I was taking his picture...)

(And this is after. What a knothead.)

And we brought that bad mamma jamma home. It is such a pretty tree. I just love it. Except for one thing. The tree was growing out of the side of a hill, so there is a slight curve in the trunk. And Mr. Tree Farm Man did not drill the hole exactly in the middle of it. Added to that, I had the bright idea to put pretty near every ornament we have on the tree this year. I wanted that puppy loaded down. The boys were helpful...

(Yes, my kids are running around in their underwear. They never wear clothes inside. We hit the door, and shoes start flying, and pants, shirts...they get right down in their skivvies. It sort of occurred to me that I should put some clothes on them while I was taking pictures of them decorating the tree... you know, for posterity's sake. But, what the hell. This is how they are, so why not take pictures of our real lives?)

Chase decided all of the ornaments he placed on the tree looked just "perfit" in one spot. This was his contribution.

After my rearranging (when the little elves had gone to bed), I was just putting on the last ornament (which was just as Dave was saying, "Uh, I think that is enough,") and BAM! Down went the tree. A couple of ornaments broke, including one that I brought home from our Disney trip (a set of, like 10, though, so I still have more...but still...dayum.) Which brings me back to our curvy trunk. I tried to get a good picture of it, but no luck. Trust me, it has a slight curve. Juuuust enough to make it not-so-steady. Luckily, the kids don't want to touch it, since it is so "pokey".

I just wanted to cry. I had everything so strategically placed, and it looked perfect. But the moment was gone, and I just stuck the ones that fell off, back on the tree, and there it is. I need to trim off some of those wonky sticking out too far branches, but have not gotten around to it yet.

But I still love it.

And I am still adding ornaments. Don't tell Dave.


Karlise said...

sorry about the tree. Can you anchor it to a wall with some fishing line or even dental floss? It looks pretty anyway!

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

*LOL* knothead? hahaha

And that would totally be my luck too - just as it's done it topples. I hope you figure out how to fix it that it won't do that again. But it is a pretty tree. :)