Monday, December 15, 2008

Bejiggity cat and fudge on fire

I am getting a kick out of this. Am I just mean? Perhaps. But, I found out today that styrofoam containers make the cat all bejiggity. She is totally freaked out by the thing, and I am not sure why. It has been entertaining, watching her staring at the box, walking around it, getting a little closer...closer....cloooooser.... Only to run away. What a damn freak.

The hub's Christmas present came in the mail today...and it is in that styrofoam box. The cat wants so bad to get up on the sofa in her usual spot, doing what she does best all day; being a lazy load. But the box is stopping her. I guess I should move it...right?

I like this picture...she looks eeeeviiiil. Off my sofa, cursed box!

The boys and I started making cookies today. The plan was to make peanut butter blossoms, oatmeal cookies, tiger stripe fudge, sugar cookies with glaze, chocolate chip cookies, and peppermint wands. We got as far as the sugar cookies and oatmeal cookies. The tiger stripe fudge was a big...


In the time that I went upstairs to wipe a butt and wash my hands, the pan was smoking. Not "SHMOKIN!" , but literally about a second or two from producing flames. So much for the tiger stripe fudge. Damn. I only hope this crap will come off of my pan.

The boys enjoyed decorating the glazed sugar cookies. Well, Hunter did, and Chase enjoyed partaking of the sprinkles. By the handful. He is currently spinning in circles, making himself dizzy in the living room. I think his body is furiously trying to burn off that sugar. I only hope he doesn't make himself puke. It would be one colorful mess.

Tomorrow, round two of adventures in baking. Let's see if I can get this all accomplished without burning the motha down.

Oh, and the cat? She's still there...


Anonymous said...

Too bad for the fudge. That's too funny about the cat though. You're not mean. I have fun torturing the cats too. You know though only in completely humane ways.

Anna said...

Love the cat!! Does she have a bad memory of sticking her nails in the foam in a past life??? LOL