Sunday, December 7, 2008

She's crafty...

She gets around...she's crafty... She's always down... She's crafty... She's got it right... She's crafty... And she's just my type... She's craftaaaaaaaay...

Ah, the Beastie Boys. I did love them back in the day. I remember going to the concert with a group of friends to see them way back in nineteen hundred and eighty-seven. A lifetime ago.

Well, so I am not "that" kind of crafty anymore. But I am feeling a diffferent kind of crafty today.
Here is a nifty little idea. Easy to do (trust me, if I pulled it off, it is easy peasy lemon squeezy). You know those extra branches you have when you trim the bottom of your Christmas tree? Well, here is what you can do with them. Make yourself a snowflake wreath.

First, gather your supplies (which also includes sending the hubs- yours, not mine, although mine may do it for you for a small fee- to Lowe's to purchase the wire. They like an excuse to go to Lowe's anyway, so make them feel useful.)

Wire cutters, scissors, two different types of wire and whatever ribbon or doo-hickey you want to put in the center of your wreath. Upon some experimenting, I found that the easiest wire to work with are 16 and 26-gauge. Yes, they come in different gagues...I told you to send your husband to get it. You will just get lost in the glory (read:overwhelming amount of crap) that is Lowe's.

Then, get your branches together. Cat, optional.

You will want to cut 6 branches of approx. equal length. Take two of them and lay them upside down, end to end.

Cut a piece of the 26-gauge wire, leaving a couple of inches at the top to make a loop. You will use this to hang the wreath. Attach the 26-gauge wire to the branches with the 16-gauge wire. The 26 will serve as a sort of a spine for the wreath.

Attach the other four branches in a sort of an "x" pattern. Use the 16-gauge wire for this. It is much easier to work with. Attach the four branches to the spine of the wreath.

Now it should look something like this...sort of snowflakey.

Here is my finished snowflake wreath. I added two crystal baubles to the middle, along with a merlot satin ribbon. Cute, huh? It would also look good with any type of ornament wired in there in the middle, or brown twine for a more rustic look.



Anonymous said...

Pretty :)

And your kitty looks THRILLED!

mommy dearest said...

That's really cute! Your cat's expression is priceless. LOL!