Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety jig...

I don't know what the hell that means. My dad used to always say it when we would roll in from vacation. Anyhoo...yes, we made it home in one piece. Now, I know that nobody wants to really read about our trip. That is sooooo boring. Kind of like when people bring in pics from vacation to work, and you are supposed to act all interested, and "oh my gosh, how beautiful the scenery is!" Yeah, I will skim right over that and get to what everyone likes. The train wreck portion. Let me preface by saying, this was a fantastic trip, and we had a blast at Disney and Animal Kingdom. The boys' meltdowns were few and short-lived, and they thoroughly enjoyed both parks. Here is proof. See the smiles?

However, the creeping crud struck. Chase puked one night (bless your hearts, I am so sorry, housekeeping staff of Disney's Wilderness Lodge. You earned your money that next morning.) Two days later, Hunter did his Exorsist impression. Only, it was not pea soup, it was tater chips. All I can say is, I do not know how I managed to not throw up while cleaning that up. Eww to the eww eww eww...
So, we get to mom's, and it is like 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. You know, "take one down, pass it around..." Here is the final tally of the Barf Patrol:
Mom's hubs, Jerry
Yo Yo Yo the Stepbro (more on him later. He is a trainwreck all on his own. )
At least mom and I only had issues with it coming out of the basement. The others had basement/attic problems. We got off light. A little Imodium, rest, and we were good to go. However, Lyn getting sick boogered up our annual Black Friday shopping excursion. She also missed out on delish Thanksgiving vittles.
Then, on our way home, our van starts doing the hippy-hippy shake. Not sure still what is up with it, but even after lucking into a mechanic who would take a look on a Saturday night in Chapel Hill-by-God North Carolina, the front end still wanted to boogie down the road. Dave could not go over 60 mph.
But we made it home, and the ol' girl is at the Honda dealer for them to take a look and see what the problem is tomorrow.
The cat, tadpole, crabs, and fish survived our vacation thanks to our neighbor. My Christmas cactus, mums, and impatiens notsomuch.
All in all, though, we made some great memories, and are getting ready to plan our next trip to Disney in the Fall of '09. I promise not to bore anyone with a zillion pictures (unless you are my friend on MySpace, and then you better look at all 81 pics, and comment on ALL of them if you are a real friend...) Let's hope our next adventure has a little more of the element of good luck.


Anonymous said...

You can't truly appreciate the good without enduring the bad, right? Yeah I think it sounds like BS too. ;)