Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gettin' buggy with it...and Joke Du Jour courtesy of Hunter

We hit the neighborhood for trick or treating on Friday night. And can I give a *woot woot* to my Township for having the common sense to schedule Halloween on actual Halloween!?! There are surrounding Townships that decide what night to actually let kids trick or treat. What kind of super-crap is that? ToT is the 31st. Period. Not the 30th, not the 29th....the thirty freaking first. I never heard of such a thing until I moved here. Nobody seems to know why, either. Some say it is to keep it on a non-school night (which doesn't apply this year...the 31st was a Friday), some say it has to do with high school football game schedules (for real? That is just stOOpid if that is the case)... None of the reasons make good enough sense for me. But my niece gets to clean up (lucky girl!). Her area does ToT one night, and ours another night, so she comes over for extra treats in our neighborhood! So, I guess it can work out after all.

This year, Hunter was a black widow spider, Chase was a caterpillar, and my niece Kylie rounded out the buggy bunch as a bumblebee. I must say, they made an adorable trio.

The loot...

And they did not get any mini-Snickers at all. At least, that is what they think. That's my story, and I am sticking to it.

Now, without further ado...what you have all been waiting for...the Joke Du Jour, courtesy of Hunter. (Brace yourself. Those who have urinary incontinence issues may want to take a quick potty break to keep from peeing yourself.)

What did the banana do at the playground?

Banana splits.

Yeah, he's four. It is an acquired humor.


Anonymous said...

He's too funny. *L* Love the joke!

Your whole crew was just great. The bumblebee niece rounded it out quite nicely.

Kate said...

Oh my gosh, in that second to last picture, I totally thought that was Ryann! I can't believe how grown up Kylie is! Can't we just freeze time and make them all stay little?