Monday, November 24, 2008

Vacation's all I ever wanted....

Vacation, had to get away...

I am on the big VAY-CAY! Yahoooozie! We just wrapped up our trip to Disney and are now at my Momma's house in NC. I am ready for some yummas Thanksgiving vittles this week, as well as a fun Black Friday shopping spree with my mom and sister the next day.

I will post more details on my trip when I get home and have free time (Sha. What's free time?) But here is an abbreviated summary of our trip so far:

Drive (drive, drive, drive, and freaking DRIVE.)
Cold? WTF? Isn't this Florida?
Swim anyway.
Ft. Wilderness, best place evah.
Golf cart + beepers=fun
Magic Kingdom, still magical after all these years.
One kid pukes.
It's A Small World After All (again and again and again...)
Animal Kingdom rocks harder than I expected.
Hunter as the star cowboy at the Hoop De Do Review.
Pack up all our crap.
Second kid pukes.
Second kid pukes again.
Potato chip vomit makes me want to toss my own cookies.
At my momma's. No place like this one.
Little niece's Spelling Bee and my massage scheduled for tomorrow. A good day, indeed.

Details and pictures to follow when I head home next weekend. I hear I missed some PA snow while I was away. Bummer. I am sure more is to come, but I love that first snow.

See you soon! : )


Anonymous said...

Well minus the driving and puking it sounds great!