Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby Crack

Not the cute kind...not the squishy tooshie.

And technically, it is not for babies, and no, it is not really crack. But it is just as addicting, and wires them the hell out.

Pixie Stix.

The little kid discovered them in his Halloween candy after dinner tonight and a new obsession was born. The boy is truly his mother's son.

Made him a bit puckery at first, which then made him laugh, laugh laugh. He then closed one eye which made me laugh, laugh, laugh. And it reminded me of the first time the medium kid Hunter tried Smarties and proclaimed, "That tastes my eye shut!"

Lord only knows when he may come down from the sugar high. He just ran from the table saying, "candycandycandycandycandy...." and giggling like a maniac.

He and I may be watching the 11:00 news together tonight.


Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

*ROFL* That tastes my eyes shut. Too funny! Pixie Sticks rock - especially the blue ones. ;)