Thursday, November 13, 2008

On the road again...

...just can't wait to get on the road again...

Actually, yes, I can.

The thought of spending many, many, (did I mention it will be many?) hours in the minivan with the fam-damily actually makes my stomach sort of twitch. Hubs wants to drive straight through to el culo del mundo (aka Florida...and Google is again, your friend...) We are leaving at night and the plan is that the boys sleep the whole way. I should have prefaced that to say OUR plan, because the boys always seem to have their own plan, and never the twains shall meet. We are as armed as can possibly be with lots of DVD's, snacks, and a little potty for those, "I have to stop right now. No, I mean NOW" moments. Bringing lots of comfy blankets and loveys. Darkness will be on our side, encouraging sleep. The only thing that may keep them wired is that at the end of the long drive is DISNEY WORLD. That is always to be in all caps, because that is the way we say it around here, sort of loud, bug out your eyes a bit, and e-nun-ci-ate every syl-la-ble. That's DISNEY WORLD.

I am totally psyched about being at DISNEY WORLD, and totally un-psyched about getting to DISNEY WORLD. Would I be a bad mom to catch a cheap flight there and meet them when they get there? I suppose so.

So, pray for us (read:me) that we make it there with as little extra gray hair as possible. While you are at it, throw in a couple extra:

That Roly Tadpoly doesn't become too froggy while we are gone. I want to watch him evolve.

Ok, let's get real...that Roly Tadpoly survives and is still here in two weeks when we return.

That the cat does not get super-annoyed that we are leaving her for two weeks, get all bejiggity in our absence, and tear crap up. Or pee on something.

That my plants don't die. I just can't ask our neighbor to do one more thing. He is already taking care of the tadpole, the fish, the hermit crabs, the Lump (cat), bringing in the paper every day, parking in front of the house, and keeping a general eye on the place. I think asking him to do one more thing would make me feel like I should be paying him.

T-minus 3 days until we launch...


Anonymous said...

Oh good luck, Trace! I do not envy your trip - well the destination yes, but the actual TRIP part no not at all. I did the Canada trip and I believe that's shorter although it was 13 1/2 hours long. Holy suckage! May the force be with you all and especially Mom because well honestly we all know that Mom always needs it the most. And I'll hope not too much metamorphosis occurs in your absence.

Mary/Irish said...

Make sure you wave towards my "neck of the woods" when you're driving through Georgia on 75 South.

Have a great time & remember to pack the Benedryl. ;)