Saturday, November 8, 2008

Little critter

Because our house is just not crowded enough, and because we need one more creepy, crawly pet, I would like to introduce to you.... Roly Tadpoly.

I promise, he's in there. It was just hard to get a good pic in his habitat. Oh, and that is not the only water he has. He has a whole little pool in there.

The boys were instantly intrigued.

And we had to give Destructo Baby (aka Chase) a nice, long speech about how Roly "Can not come out and play, and he does not like it at ALL when you shake his house, and no, he does not like fruit chews. Not ever." I saw a little gleam in his eye when he tried to sweetly assure me, "Okay, mommy." I am hoping Roly gets a chance to at least get to the semi-frog stage.

Thank goodness Roly showed up today and not while we were on vacay. He would have spent a couple of weeks in the mailbox, and poor little guy would not have had a chance. The first one we got, months ago, was DOA, and I would have been upset had we lost another little booger (and by the way, if you have not seen a tadpole IRL, they actually do look sort of like a big ol' booger.) I hope he grows up to be a cute frog and not some gnarly looking warty thing. Ew.


Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

What an awesome pet. Where'd you get him?

I'm very glad that he did not arrive while you all were on vacation.