Saturday, October 25, 2008

Costume FAIL

I must say that I have rocked my kids' costumes this year. I am a big fan of the homemade, and while I am certainly no Martha Stewart, I am pretty happy with my creations this year. Nothin' fancy, but totally my boys' style. Hunter is going to be a spider, and Chase, a caterpillar. The only real difference in the two are the colors. One is black, and the other is green. The green is not exactly what I had in mind. I wanted more of an emerald green, and ended up with more of a hunter green, and it actually looks black at first glance, but I don't stress about the little things. Hunter's hat has many spider eyes on it, and Chase's is sporting some cool caterpillar antennae. I am going to dress up, at the rugrats' request, as a butterfly.

The "fail" I reference is not for us.

Perusing costumes online, I came across some totally ridiculous creations. Do we have to take every freaking thing and try to "sexy" it up? I will admit that in my younger (read:hotter) days, I was a sexy nurse, and a slutty girl scout. But, come on, what the frick is THIS?

If you are going for scary, go balls out scary. If you are going for sexy, go short and sleazy, bust out the cleavage. But scarysexy? For real? I can't believe anyone really is buying a hot Freddy Kreuger costume.

And this one? It just made me laugh.


Bri said...

Oh yah, there is a sexy EVERY thing.

Anonymous said...

Because you know the less you wear the better. *L* Yeah perhaps years ago...like BC (before children).

I look forward to seeing your costumes. We went the purchase route this year - K-Girl wanted to be Sleeping Beauty. I do not have those skillz. E-Man's well no excuse it was just cute. I'm still stumped as to what I'm doing. Party is on Wednesday? Ahhh!

Caroline said...

Trust me when I tell you that moi in the skimpy outfits would be *plenty* scary!!

Hope you had a great time with the boys, I loved their costumes!!