Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do you wanna get away?

...Do you wanna escape...? (Man, that song is going to be rattling around in my head on a loop now...)

Super Hubs whisked me away on a surprise trip for our five year anniversary. And, the man hit a HOME freaking RUN. I think the trip is best described with pictures...

On our way...

He took me to a fabulous B&B. . Rich with ambience and history. My kind of joint.

A little background on the place... The Speedwell Forge story begins in 1734, when Peter Grubb, a mason, literally stumbled upon of the largest and richest iron deposits ever found in the US. He named the area Cornwall, and built a bloomery to smelt the ore and produce cast (or "pig") iron. Our cottage was called the "Paymaster's Office". In the 18th century, the forge employees were paid here; the "paymaster's window" separates the main room from the kitchen. In the basement, stone reinforcement indicates where the vault was.

Inside our cottage

This place is also home to a wolf sanctuary. Totally cool. I wish we would have brought some dog food to donate. What they do for these animals, and the dedication to them is really inspiring.

So, Dave had set up a whole thing... fresh flowers in the room, chocolates, and music playing when we entered. At 5:00, he had two massage therapists come to us for a couples massage. At 7:00, a chef came and made us dinner. He served it to us at a table next to the fire. I totally felt like Cinderella. Well, Cinderella at the end of the movie. Not the sleeping in the dirt, cooking, cleaning, friends with the mice Cinderella. That is the other 364 days a year of my life. But, I digress...

We stayed up all night, trying to squeeze every moment out of the experience. We sat by the fire, playing Scrabble...

Which, for the record, I let him win. I let him use words normally not allowed in Scrabble...like Izod, Ed, Ethan... Hey, I had to throw him a bone, I mean, he planned out this perfect getaway for me and all... Secretly, it killed my soul to lose to him at Scrabble. The things we do for true love.

In the morning, we had the option of eating at the main house, or the owner told us she could bring us breakfast "fixin's" and we could cook ourselves in the cottage. Dave got up in the morning, started the fire, ran me a big bubble bath, and went into the kitchen and cooked us breakfast. We had eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit, yogurt, juice, and coffee. We ate at the table, and I looked out into the woods, watching the squirrels and resident cats running around.

Chef Hubs - making my breakfast

All too soon, we had to head for home.

First, we stopped off at a wonderful little gourmet chocolate shop to bring some treats home for Mom-Mom and the boys.

And had a divine hot chocolate treat for ourselves.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for a romantic getaway to head over to the Speedwell Forge. You will fall in love all over again. Check out their website, and tell Dawn and Darin I sent you.

Speedwell Forge B& B

Wolf Sanctuary of PA

And for your 80's viewing and auditory pleasure...and because, yep, it is still running in a loop in my head, enjoy...


Anonymous said...

That looks marvelous. I'm glad that you and the hubs were able to get away and enjoy each other. Looks like a gorgeous place.