Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lipton Iced Tea is the Debbil.

I have got to wonder what the frig I was thinking, drinking that damn bottle of tea at the wise hour of 10 pm tonight. I was jonesing (how's that for a throwback? Uh, huh, I said it) for some tea, after my salty chicken parm dinner, and Austin brought me some tea from work tonight. So, now here I sit at 1 am with what my mom calls the BIG EYE and I can't sleep for crap.

Damn you, Lipton Pure Leaf. Damn you to hell. But I do love you so... so please don't leave. The things I love to eat/drink/spritz myself with from B and B Works tend to leave the shelves just when I decide I can't live without them. But I must curse you as I sit here wide awake. Not for long though...say hello to my leetle friend...
That's right. It is only a matter of time before these bad boys kick in. And it should be just about the time that the wee ones wake for a fun-filled day. Better get some more tea to get through it.

Plus, I have the freaking theme to the Mickey Mouse Club rolling on a continuous loop through my head. Reaaaaaaaaaally soothing.


Anonymous said...

Who's callin' who a nut. Looked in the mirror lately? :-p