Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Junk that makes me happy...

This fab weather. Fall is my fave season. I freaking hate to sweat, plus the holidays are a-comin'!

"I Don't Like Candy Corn" by Moose A. Moose.

Listening to my little ones talking to each other. Really having conversations. Granted, it is usually something like, "Chase, you want to be a cat or a train?", but still...

An empty laundry basket. (Can I get an "amen"?)

Divinity....sweet candy goodness. Hooray for this time of the year, because I can actually find it in stores. I think I could eat it until I put myself into a sugar coma.

Fresh haircuts on my men.

Girl scouts marching in parades....takes me back. (Yes, I was a girl scout. And? Matter of fact, I wore a girl scout uniform as a Halloween costume a few years ago. Granted, it was a mini-skirt, spike heels, and thigh-high stockings, but a girl scout nonetheless.)

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Call me a jackass, but that movie never fails to make me laugh. Dare I say that I LOL?

Butterflies. I loved watching the caterpillars change this past Spring/Summer. It was so cool watching them get bigger and bigger, and eventually changing to chrysalids. I think I liked it more than the boys. I was so sad to set them free. Now I have to wait until next year to get any more. This is one we had recently. Butterflies are free to fly....fly awaaaaaaaayyy.....

Singing. In the car. Loudly. My kids are lucky they have headphones and don't have to hear it. I suck, but I can't help myself. You know that person you pass on the road, that is rocking out in her car, dancing and singing? The one you laugh at, and ask the person in the car with you, "Ha HA! Did you SEE that idiot?" Yeah, that would be me.

Fireworks. I love, love, love fireworks. Luckily the boys do, too. I was afraid they would be scared of the noise, but they like to watch them. I can't wait for them to see the fireworks display at Disney World next month. They are fantabulous.

Dirty faced, sloppy, peanut-buttery kisses from my boys. Dems da best.

Kisses from my big 6'3 17 year old. And hearing him say, "I love you." He does both with regularity, and is not embarrassed to do it in front of his friends. That kid is really something else. He holds such a big piece of my heart.

Hugs from the hubs. When he hugs you, you know you've been hugged. It is warm, squeezy, and makes you feel safe. It is one of his many skills.


Anonymous said...

Fall is the best for sure. :) And I love me some Moose A. Moose.

I left you an award over at my place.