Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Little Kid...

...is funny. No, for real, not just because he is my little kid, but just because he is a riot. How is it, that at not quite three years old that this boy already has my warped, sort of crudish/rudish sense of humor? Case in point, he is currently *hissing* at the cat, and in between, telling her she needs to stop licking herself and get into the tub. He is telling her she needs soap because she smells like "butt". Come on, that is pretty good. He also says he won't lay on the loveseat because that is "where Daddy toots." If he bombs, he immediately touches the floor, and announces loudly, "You wanna smell my toot?" He is very insistent until he hears you make a sniffing sound in his general direction. He did this recently at Wal Mart, and I was embarrassed for about a half a second, until I realized, "This is Wal Mart."
Tonight I heard him out in the living room, and I could swear I heard him singing the word "stupid". That is a big no-no in this house, so I went a-running. He stops in his tracks, and gives me the most serious look and says, "I not said stupid. I said STUPENDOUS." Now, that is a hoot. That will teach me to give the kid big words to use. So, now I am going to have to make sure that if someone hears him, to point out that it is actually "stupendous" that he is saying. And, yeah, they are soooo likely to believe that word is coming from my midget.
I guess I am encouraging the nonsense by laughing at all of the inappropriate crap he does, but, damn, I am enjoying this kid. Hopefully his future wife will forgive me someday.


Anonymous said...

until I realized, "This is Wal Mart."

too true!

Too soon he'll have to start giving into what is "appropriate" have fun while he can get away with it. I think he's a hoot too!