Thursday, February 19, 2009

"That" kid...

...was at Chuck E Cheese today.

You know that kid. The brat who is out of control. The one whose mother sits on her butt, eating pizza and chugging Coke while her little darling is making everyone else mental. Well, to give her credit (uh, yeah, right), every once in a while, she would half-heartedly say, "Elijah, don't you want to come eat?". I might note that she would just randomly say this, not even looking to see if the boy was even in range to hear her. One time she said it, I looked, and Elijah was all the way across the room, next to the ticket chomping machine. Really, though, he would not have even been on my radar, but he made the littlest kid get teary. And littlest kid is way cute and pitiful-looking when his eyes are full. So, I was peee-yussed. I saw it go down, the way adorable little Elijah growled at Chase and said, "YOU GO. GET OUT OF HERE. THIS IS MINE." Man, that broke little guy's heart, and usually he is a tough nut to crack. Big Momma was still eating her pizza, on planet SomeoneElseCanWatchMyKidIAmBusy, so I stepped in and said, "Hey, that is not very nice. Let's share, ok, you little turd?" Ok, so that last part was in my head, but I did ask him to share, seeing as how Chase had the damn steering wheel first anyway... But the kid, and he could not have been more than 3 or so, stopped, turned, and actually glared at me. Nice, huh? Guess we can see the training going on in his house.

Another check on Big Momma, still eating.

Then, my friend's daughter, Mini Miss Thang, entered the picture. Elijah pushed her away, and she gave him a chilling "look". You know the one I mean? The one most of us girls only perfect around high school age. Mini Miss has it DOWN at age 3. That girl rocks my socks. Elijah exited, stage right.

Big Momma didn't skip a beat.

I hope she remembered to take him home.


Schmoochiepoo said...

Parents like that bug the heck outta me! That is why we avoid places like Chuck-E-Cheese except for bday parties and then we go heavily medicated. :)

Little J is little for his age so he does get picked on sometimes and when I go look for the bully's mom..she's usually a lot bigger than me too!