Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Buy me stuff.

Remember that ring I had my eye on? I meant to post a picture of it before now, but better late than never.

I love, love, love my ring! You can check out her cool collection here, if you are interested. The ring also came in the most quaint little box, tied up all tidy-like with twine. In my haste to get it out of the box and on my waiting finger, I did not think to save or photograph the box. Trust me, though, it is way cute.

I also told the hubs the other day of my latest want...and it should be arriving any day now. Although this nowhere near as cute and uncomplicated, I am totally psyched (duuuuude.) about it.

Yeah, baby. Getting my Blackberry. Hmmm....I hope it is not too hard to figure out. I am not mechanically gifted. I am sure Austin can help me on that if I need him to.

So, high fives to Dave, for continuing to spoil me. Wonder if I mention that I want this, if he will get it for me, too?