Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's okay...just don't look at it

This is never good to hear.

Especially coming from the smallest kid.

Have I mentioned that the boy is destruction defined? Seriously, go back a few posts and check it out. Destructo Baby is becoming Destructo Boy.

He comes running out of the playroom like his pooper is on fire, so I ask what is wrong. He says, "My legs are wet" to which I ask, "Uh, okay, and why?" He stops in his tracks, climbs up in my lap, touches my face oh-so-gently and says, "It's okay, Mommy. Just don't look at it."


As much as I would love to take his three-year old wisdom to heart, I have to look.

But it is not bad. This time. Just some water spilled on the carpet. This time. Yes, again I emphasize this time. Because I know that next time it will probably be something I really don't want to see. Something broken, ripped, painted on, colored over... Something not so minor. Hopefully it will be when Daddy is home, so that he can deal. It's okay. I just won't look at it.


Angela said...

LOL. The things they do and say. My MDS is like that, I sometimes get scared when I'm not in the same room as him.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. That one'll come and bite him in the butt when he gets older. Hehe.

I'm scratching my head...I have your blog on Google Reader and I never get your updates. How odd. I would've never known you updated if you hadn't posted it on Facebook.