Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl, party of two...

We tossed around the idea of having some folks over to watch the Super Bowl last night. This is Steeler country around here, and even I got wrapped up in the hype. We also considered attending a Super Bowl party hosted by Hot Friend of Hubby's... However, we opted for hanging out together, enjoying some beepers and horse dee overs, whilst lounging in our PJs. Much better plan, methinks!

Gotta love this face. Isn't that the classic drunk-faced-eybrows-raised look?

And why do I feel compelled to lick this man after I have been drinking? Seriously, you can set your clock by it.

Captain Underpants was a wonderful little cocktail waiter, fetching beepers, and we paid him in snack foods.

The Keetons busied herself with sneaking sips and checking her emails.

The best thing of all...? Football season is OVER, friends. And THAT is something to celebrate!