Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elfin magic

It's that time again!  And it dawns on me in planning this year's shenanigans that I never added pictures from last year's Elf on the Shelf.  Some nights, of course, he just hid in different places, playing Elf and Seek.  Other nights, he got a little more creative :)

He is always waiting for us when we get home from our annual vacation:

Does a little artwork while in town:

Plays a little cowboy:

And Minecraft with some friends:

He left a little note one night:

Along with some special seeds and magic dust:

In the morning, the seeds had grown some treats:

He likes to play chef:

Does some laundry:

Pretends to be a snow globe:

Plays engineer on the Lionel trains:

Hides out in the tree:

Gets naughty with crepe paper:

Makes a bed out of undies and socks:

Does a little ziplining:

Catches some rays, always remembering sunblock, especially on his nose:

After playing cowboy, you have to play Native American elf:

Wants to be fancy:

Writes a little note in jingle bells:

Spidey got him!

Ahoy, matey!

Likes to unwind with a nice bubble bath:

Hides out in the curio cabinet with the angels:

Gives out kisses:

Likes to play superhero:

Then all too soon, it is time to say goodbye.  Adios until next year!