Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot guys in kilts

So, I was watching PBS the other night. Yes, I watch PBS other than in the mornings. PBS is much, much more than just Sesame Street and Clifford. You can really get your learn on watching shows on PBS. Ok, so I could not find the remote and was way too lazy to get up (as Chase would say, my butt was having a sit...)

Regardless, I was glad I was having a sloth moment, because I came across a concert by Celtic Thunder. And yes, there they were...hot guys in kilts.

Well, all but the little fella on the far left. He is only 14. He is a cutie, but in a "I wanna pinch your little cheeks, and aren't you just adorable" sort of way. Not like the others, wherein I'm a-wonderin' just what is under those kilts.

HotneZZ aside, their music is beautiful. Such voices, and the melodies are pure bliss. If you like that Celtic flair, that is. I am totally getting this CD for my mom (read:downloading and burning it for her...shhhh...)

Check them out. I think you will like them. And if the music is not your cuppa tea, hit mute and enjoy their skirted goodness. Nummers.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whoop, whoop, whoop!

That's the "Nerd"ar going off. And it is me that it is sensing.

A picture says a thousand words.

Damn skippy, I am wearing a "Twilight" shirt. I figure I am old enough to embrace my goofiness, so I wear it proudly.

As I was buying it yesterday, the little young cutie guy at the register asked me if I was going to any of the DVD release parties that were happening at midnight. He told me that Hot Topic and F.Y.E. were having big throwdowns to celebrate the movie's release. I asked him didn't he think they may throw my old ass out of Hot Topic, to which he paused, looked at me...and said, "Well, maybe you should go to the one at F.Y.E." Damn whippersnapper.

But, no, I did not go out at midnight and buy the DVD. The only thing I saw at midnight was the backs of my eyelids. That is what happens when you are almost (shhhh...) 40. Which begs the question...if you are not young enough to stay up past midnight, are you too old to be a Twilighter?

Even if I was so inclined to attend a Twilight party, I highly doubt it would have been at Hot Topic. All of those young'uns with their pierced and tattooed parts, who aren't completely convinced they are not vampires in real life... in the words of my youngest...no fanks.

So, I am headed out in a little while to get my DVD. Although the book was better than the movie by a mile (aren't they all?) I am looking forward to seeing some Rob Pattinson goodness.

Nummy, nummy, nummy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Joaquin Phoenix,


Is not a good look for you.

Seriously, I am, like, totally a hayuuu-dge fan, and an added bonus was your crazy hotness. Now, it is just plain crazy. Hotness has left the building.

Dude, for realz. Are you on drugs? Or maybe, do you need some?

Holy crap. And you are planning a rap career? All right, stop. Collaborate and listen.

Please, please, go into the light. All are welcome here, children...all are welcome. Come back to sanity, for the love of my lust. I beg of you.

The Matisyahu look only works for Matisyahu.

Just to be clear and to be sure you are not corn-fused...as it appears that you are more than not these days...

This...me likey. This...makey me want to watch you in movie. This...good. Very, very good...

This...yucky, scary guy panhandler look. This...makey me want to pukey...

I'll be waiting.


P.S. Take a bath. You look like you Smell. Really. Bad.

Ooh, it's so good!

(As Mr. Food would say.)

I have my own list of yummy stuff and not many of them have to do with food.

My middle kid telling me "You so byoodeefull, momma." Nobody loves me like my boys do.

Kisses from the littlest kid after he has eaten a bowl full of strawberries. Extra messy, and extra sweet.

Crisp Linen candles. Makes the H house smell like girls live here.

Thursday night TV. Until summertime, anyway.

Reading the Sunday paper and having coffee with Big Daddy. One of the best times of the week.

Vacays to NC. Vacays to FL. Hell, vacays any-damn-where.

Watching "Titanic" for the, oh, ten thousandth or so time. I can't get enough of Leo...and Kate's costumes are to die for. Oh, bad choice of words there, I guess...

Pedicures. (Oh, and go get yourself one, ladies. Spring is upon us and along with it, sandal season. I don't want to see your crusty dry heels or jacked up bare toenails. Time to primp, girls. Oh, and shave your legs while you are at it. Winter is over in just a few days. k?thnx.)

Good books. Really good books. (Go read "The Shack". No, really, right now. I'll wait...)

Daffodils. They just make me smile.

Angel food cake. What an appropriate name. I think if Heaven has a taste, it's angel food cake.

And Gerard Butler. No explanation necessary.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I tawt I taw...

A Cwistmas twee... I did, I did taw a Cwistmas twee!

And it was on March 9, 2009. Out at the curb with someone's garbage.

This picture, however, is NOT the tree I saw. Why? Because for DAYS I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET PICTURES ON MY COMPUTER OFF OF MY BLACKBERRY. And yes, that warranted all caps. This damn phone is so complicated. Shouldn't an upgrade=easier to use? Apparently not. So, thanks Google Images for helping a sister out with a picture to go along with my blog post. Ask me sometime when you see me, and I can show you the real picture on my phone. If I can figure out how to pull it up. And if I don't run it over with the Odyssey before then.
But I digress...
So, I was dropping off the biggest kid at school the other morning, and there it was. A Christmas tree out at the curb with someone's trash. I ask you, what would possess someone to keep a Christmas tree until March? March! December 26th, I am ready to get that bad boy out of my living room. No way would I keep it up until almost Easter. Lazy, lazy, lazy. But I have to say, it did look still very damn green. So I guess they not only kept it up, but took care of it very well. I think at this point, they should have just kept it up all year, or at least until it took on a brown cast. They could put little hearts on it for Valentine's Day (and hey, maybe they did!), little eggs and chicks for Easter, flags for Independence Day... The possibilities are endless.

Oh, did I mention they had one of these in the yard?

Yeah, that is a goose that you can buy outfits for. You can dress up said goose for Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day... They make an outfit for every holiday. Klassy.

I would decorate mine like this for Christmas.

But I am sick like that.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday night lineup

I love this show. I love this family. It would be coolio to hang with them.

The mom is nothing short of awesome, and have you seen their kickin' farm? Complete with an old west set and pirate ship? It looks like the most fun place evah.

Watching them go beyond physical limitations is inspiring. I have watched them play basketball, soccer, travel all over the place, bike ride, snorkel... and to think I can't get my lazy ass to the gym every day...

I just watched an episode where they went on a road trip to the Little People of America convention in Detroit. Mom took the kids, plus one of the kids' friends, and Dad flew in later and met them. That momma is one tough cookie, taking on a road trip like that. Here I thought I was big stuff driving a few times a year back and forth to NC. Ha. I am small potatoes.

Why does it have to be followed by Jon and Shrew + 8? That show just gets all over my last good nerve. Meh. No matter. Cops is on now. Hellz yeah. That and Maury are two of my guilty pleasures. Shhh...don't tell anyone. I am posing in my every day life as an intelligent woman.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rise up this mornin'...

Smiled with the rising sun...

Three little birds...

Pitch by my doorstep...

Singin' sweet songs...

Of melodies pure and true...

This is my message...to you-oo-ooo...
"It is damn COLD out here! (But thanks for the seed.)"

I love winter, but looking out the window this morning at those three little birds, I felt so bad for the little guys. Especially that fat little bluebird all puffed up there in the middle. He just looks like he belongs on a green leafy branch, not bracing himself from the snow blowing sideways. Bless his feathery little heart.

But, take heart, little birdies, spring is on the way.