Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random thoughts and random pictures of random stuff that is....random

Deep thoughts...

  • The Kohler toilet commercials....really? Are people really singing "nah nah, hey hey goodbye" as they flush? I thought only my 5 year old talked to his turds.

  • The other day while dropping Chase off at preschool, XM's Kid's Place Live played the theme to "Indiana Jones" just as the van door was sliding open. I am thinking of playing it everywhere I go when exiting the van. It just makes where I am going seem so...exciting. I might buy a Fedora to wear as well. Carrying a whip on my hip *might* be a little over the top, no? I think Dave should have this set as my ringtone for when I call him. For some reason, he thinks that Darth Vaders "Death March" is more appropriate. He is hilarious, right?

  • I am considering starting to wear my hair like the Safe Side Super Chick. My kids hang on her every word while I have to repeat requests over and over again. It must be the hair, right?

  • Anyone who grew up in the 70's will recognize these lovely ancient artifacts. Why did anyone ever think they were a decorating "do"?

  • Why do teenagers go to the mall to talk on their cell phones to other teenagers who are not at the mall? Am I just too old to get it? I am probably just a year or two away from shaking my fist and yelling at the damn kids to stay off my lawn.

  • Speaking of malls, is there any more heinous a store than this?

I make one trip in that store per year. I go in at Christmastime for gift cards for my three nieces. My trip into Hollister is always the same (old fart alert) .... I walk in and am immediately assaulted by 1. LOUD thumping music that is, did I mention LOUD? 2. The overpowering smell of whatever their cologne is that they are selling. It makes me woozy/nauseous/immediately irritable 3. A saleschick/fella folding the same sweater over and over, size 0 on a fat day, and with a look like, "Erm. Are you lost, ma'am?" They direct me to the cash register with a wave of the hand and what I assume are words, which are lost in the thumping LOUD music, and I peer into the darkness of the store and hope at some point I will find the register. Isn't this a "beach" store, by the way? Why does it have a "midnight at the beach" lighting scheme? I scream at the girl over the din for "THREE GIFT CARDS, PLEASE" after which I attempt to find the exit. It is a maze of shadows and dim lighting, and after wandering and wandering, I am out. I have to save my Hollister purchase until the last task of the day because it gives me such a headache. Don't even get me started on Hot Topic.

  • I was tempted to grab these at the thrift store the other day, just to see what my husband would do with them. Then I was afraid he may actually do what I feared. Yeah, I passed.