Friday, July 17, 2009

Ruuuuun, Forrest....Ruuuuun!

So, this looks interesting. I have been checking this out for a while, and in my mind, I am already up to two miles. And I am not out of breath a bit.

I guess I need to actually get off my booty and start it.

Did I mention that in my mind, I also have lost about 15 pounds?
A girl can dream...

Anyway, I am liking the thought of being able to run 3 miles in just two months. As it stands right now, the only time I can imagine running is if something is after me. (And, might I add, that something would have to be very scary.) I need to get myself back in shape, and I like the progressive track this plan takes. I am blogging about it to make myself accountable. I am starting the Couch to 5K, and I challenge anyone reading to join me. I promise to blog about it, and be prepared for a lot of bitching and complaining. I will be a total whiny tit-bag. There are not going to be any inspirational entries, so don't come here for those. But I am here for you, to share in the misery.

Maybe we can learn to like to run. Together. Yeah. Not bloody likely.

Just for fun and inspiration, enjoy sir hotness, Christian Bale, out for a run. Delish, even if he is a complete tool.


Sasha said...

You can do it... you know I am a big Couch to 5K girl... I got Elaine to do it too!

Angela said...

It is very doable! I was following the plan back in March, thenf fell off it when life interuppted. I am now following my own plan, but am set to run a 5km race mid September.

Christel said...

OOOh, I am totally doing this, starting tomorrow! I need to get back in the groove!!