Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, mammy...how I love ya, how I love ya...

...my dear old Mammy(gram).

Yep, today was the Second Annual Mammary Mash, also known as my mammogram.

That's "mammogram", not to be confused with "Candy Gram."

And if that picture and reference leaves you totally lost, well, I am so sorry for you, because you missed what I consider to be the best years of SNL. You know, before they totally sucked.

So, anyway, this was my second mammy, so I knew what to expect after going for the first time last year. Last year, when I had to come back because I apparently have what is referred to as "dense" breasts. Not like "duh", but you know, compact. When I went to my follw-up mammy last year, I got the super-squish. I mean, they flattened those puppies out. I was amazed that they went back to being melon-esque. Today was the regular mammy, and I am hoping I won't have to go back for the tighter one again. Definitely not fun. But then again, after having a series of three shots in my eardrum earlier this year, pancaking my boobies should really be no biggie.

Really, mammies are not all that bad. If you have a family history of bC (Cancer always gets a big "C" in my book) then go get the thing done. It is a tad uncomfy, but over relatively quick. And your boobies will spring back into the correct shape, I promise.

But pulling the little stickers off the nips is no party. Just sayin'. Oh, and don't do that quick band-aid pull. Nip tissue is TENDER.

Just so you know, and don't get scammed...this is a mammogram machine:

This...is not.


Schmoochiepoo said...

They put tape on your nipples!?!?


I'm so not looking forward to having one now....