Monday, June 15, 2009

Rockin' with the blue hairs...

Playlist at Giant - yes, they are still kicking the tunes at my grocery store:

Hungry Like the Wolf- Duran Duran (and I just knew this would be a good trip to the store!)

Everybody Wants You- Billy Squier (can I get a "hell yeah!")

Quick step off the Cool Train with a little number by John Mayer, who, incidentally looks adorable unless you see him singing. Holy spaz, batman.

C'est La Vie- Robbie Neville (that's just the way it goes...that's right!)

Photograph- Def Leppard

So, no ONJ dude today, sadly...but I did see another soccer-mom-ish type in the aisle with me when "Everybody Wants You" was on. I noticed she was mouthing the words right along with me. It crossed my mind to throw up the devil horns and do a mini headbang thrash, but she did not seem to be the type who would be receptive to that nonsense. So I rocked out, but on the inside. My friends and I actually made up a little dance to the B. Squier song back in the day, and I was doing it just like I was 15 again. Just on the inside. Maybe I should have busted a move so I could be someone else's entertainment. But it seemed like little fun since I did not have any kids with me to embarrass. A little old blue haired lady passed by, and I thought about throwing up the sign to her, but thought the better of it. Might have given her palpitations. You know they just don't get us "young people". Shut up. I was young to her.

Next time I will make sure the kids are with me. And maybe I will wear some acid-washed jeans, too. With rips in them. In the butt area.


Tracey said...

Love your blog!! I gotta say if I saw you do the devil horns at the grocery store, it would make my day.