Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh, she's just walking around drinking...

Let this be a lesson for you. This is why you do not let a 4 year old answer the phone.

10:00 a.m. Ring, ring...

(Hunter) "I'll get it! Hello? She is right here. Oh, she's just walking around drinking. She just put more ice in her drink. Yeah, just a minute..."

(Me) *Choking/laughing/dying inside* "Hello?"

(Dave) *Cracking the F up* "Having a rough morning?"

For the record, it was Coke. Granted, not the best thing to drink at that time of the day, but it was sans Jack Daniels. I promise. I don't care what the kid says. I love his honesty, but damn, boy, be a little more specific.

After all, no self-respecting mother of three boys starts drinking until noon, for God's sake. A girl has to have her standards.


The Drama Whore said...

I am not a self respecting mother, or maybe it's because I have a girl, that I start drinking at 7am, 30 minutes after they wake up.

I love the phone call. And that both you and Dave were able to laugh!

Anonymous said...

Darn kid, blowing your secret! ;)