Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doorknock- 1, Chase, 0

And so it begins...

I have said that the littlest kid is going to be the one that we are thankful we have health insurance for. He is a toughie, and is one of those go, go, go kids. Today, he and the (what he calls) doorknock had a confrontation. He fought the knob and the...knob won. Actually, Hunter was chasing him and he ran into the doorknob. I head that cry, you know the one...where you know something "just ain't right." Gram calls down the stairs as I am coming up, and I see the bloooooooooood. Not a lot of it, but blooooood nonetheless. I spell it that way for dramatic effect because seeing bloooooood makes me quite dramatic. So, anyway, I managed to keep it together and be super-calm (somehow). Once I got a good look at his noggin, I could see that he probably needed a stitch or two. Off we went to the Urgent Care (or Ready Care, I think is what they call it...) The kid was totally chilled. He only cried that inital few seconds after impact, and was a cool cucumber the rest of the time.

We get to the office, and the intake person tells me that the doctor doesn't suture children's heads. Wha? Okaaaay, then, so I have to go sit in the ED for hours with the really sick people? Uh, not happening. (PS, they just closed two schools early in town because a kid came down with the Swine Flu, and there are two other suspected cases.) She tells me she will check with the doctor just to be sure. She does, and he says he would like to take a look at it to check it and make a decision.

So the nurse comes in and irrigates the boo-boo. My bebe soldier flinches only a little, and just hangs in there 'til it's done. The nurse practitioner comes in to check the cut (I guess the doctor decided not to do it or whatever, who cares...) Long story short, the kid got three "Superman blue" stitches in his head. During the numbing and suturing, the boy was still and quiet. No fussing, no crying. I was amazed and proud. And when it was all over, a little faint. Yes, I waited until she said, "We are all done!" to get woozy and break out in a cold sweat. Good grief. Luckily I still kept it together and stayed on two feet.

Chase is currently playing with cars on the floor, totally unaffected. That is one tough little cookie.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. He IS a tough cookie. I've never had stitches, but I can believe I wouldn't take it as quietly.

Schmoochiepoo said...

Aww poor guy but what a trooper!
Now that he's all stiched up you can go have a nice rum and coke to calm your nerves.
Blooooooood does sound dramatic and it made my tummy clench a little the first time I read it. :)

Lacy Rose said...

What a tough one you have! I would have been freaking out too over the sight of BLOOOOOOOD. yuckers.