Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday night lineup

I love this show. I love this family. It would be coolio to hang with them.

The mom is nothing short of awesome, and have you seen their kickin' farm? Complete with an old west set and pirate ship? It looks like the most fun place evah.

Watching them go beyond physical limitations is inspiring. I have watched them play basketball, soccer, travel all over the place, bike ride, snorkel... and to think I can't get my lazy ass to the gym every day...

I just watched an episode where they went on a road trip to the Little People of America convention in Detroit. Mom took the kids, plus one of the kids' friends, and Dad flew in later and met them. That momma is one tough cookie, taking on a road trip like that. Here I thought I was big stuff driving a few times a year back and forth to NC. Ha. I am small potatoes.

Why does it have to be followed by Jon and Shrew + 8? That show just gets all over my last good nerve. Meh. No matter. Cops is on now. Hellz yeah. That and Maury are two of my guilty pleasures. Shhh...don't tell anyone. I am posing in my every day life as an intelligent woman.