Saturday, March 14, 2009

I tawt I taw...

A Cwistmas twee... I did, I did taw a Cwistmas twee!

And it was on March 9, 2009. Out at the curb with someone's garbage.

This picture, however, is NOT the tree I saw. Why? Because for DAYS I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET PICTURES ON MY COMPUTER OFF OF MY BLACKBERRY. And yes, that warranted all caps. This damn phone is so complicated. Shouldn't an upgrade=easier to use? Apparently not. So, thanks Google Images for helping a sister out with a picture to go along with my blog post. Ask me sometime when you see me, and I can show you the real picture on my phone. If I can figure out how to pull it up. And if I don't run it over with the Odyssey before then.
But I digress...
So, I was dropping off the biggest kid at school the other morning, and there it was. A Christmas tree out at the curb with someone's trash. I ask you, what would possess someone to keep a Christmas tree until March? March! December 26th, I am ready to get that bad boy out of my living room. No way would I keep it up until almost Easter. Lazy, lazy, lazy. But I have to say, it did look still very damn green. So I guess they not only kept it up, but took care of it very well. I think at this point, they should have just kept it up all year, or at least until it took on a brown cast. They could put little hearts on it for Valentine's Day (and hey, maybe they did!), little eggs and chicks for Easter, flags for Independence Day... The possibilities are endless.

Oh, did I mention they had one of these in the yard?

Yeah, that is a goose that you can buy outfits for. You can dress up said goose for Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day... They make an outfit for every holiday. Klassy.

I would decorate mine like this for Christmas.

But I am sick like that.


Schmoochiepoo said...

Hey! That was MY tree!!!!

Just kidding kinda, one year my tree was up until Easter. I kid you not. The joys of living alone and being lazy. :)

And yes, I did an Easter Egg hunt for my friends kid in my tree. :)
{the treats were in the tree not the kid}