Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot guys in kilts

So, I was watching PBS the other night. Yes, I watch PBS other than in the mornings. PBS is much, much more than just Sesame Street and Clifford. You can really get your learn on watching shows on PBS. Ok, so I could not find the remote and was way too lazy to get up (as Chase would say, my butt was having a sit...)

Regardless, I was glad I was having a sloth moment, because I came across a concert by Celtic Thunder. And yes, there they were...hot guys in kilts.

Well, all but the little fella on the far left. He is only 14. He is a cutie, but in a "I wanna pinch your little cheeks, and aren't you just adorable" sort of way. Not like the others, wherein I'm a-wonderin' just what is under those kilts.

HotneZZ aside, their music is beautiful. Such voices, and the melodies are pure bliss. If you like that Celtic flair, that is. I am totally getting this CD for my mom (read:downloading and burning it for her...shhhh...)

Check them out. I think you will like them. And if the music is not your cuppa tea, hit mute and enjoy their skirted goodness. Nummers.