Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday

So, my intention was to do a holiday-themed TST, but upon checking out the holiday decorations available for purchase from my local TS, I found it to be sorely lacking.  This leads me to believe that either 1.  Very few people are donating holiday decorations, or 2. Someone, or someoneS bought most of the available Christmas cheer.

I lean more toward #2, only because I have seen many outdoor holiday displays around town that make me wonder/afraid of what it looks like inside.  You know, craptastic displays like this one...

Nonetheless, I was able to find a few interesting pieces for your enjoyment.  I suppose they could be bought and given as Christmas/Chanuka/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Winter Solstice/WhatTheFrickEver gifts, so let's say we are sticking with the theme.  Pretend with me, much like we pretend that I actually create these posts on Thursdays.

OMG.  The perfect gift for my sister-in-law.  Provided, of course, she changes her name to Brandon Edward Reams.  Oh, and that date at the bottom.  I am sure she would be cool with shaving ten-ish years off of her birthday.  I do think she will like the lovely bluebird with the broken-looking neck.  Or is he constipated?  Jury is still out.

Or maybe this vag-inspired picture? Seriously, I am not the only one that sees this...right?

How would you like this cheery fellow looking at you from atop your armoir?  My fear of clowns doesn't seem quite so irrational right now, does it?  (Frickin A...really.  Who puts this in their house and calls it good???)

For that special someone.  You know, when you want to say, hey, I'm wild about you.  So much so that I bought you this shitty wooden gorilla.

AHHHH!  A TRIBBLE!  Oh, just a wig. Eww....

Know anyone who just bought a house and needs a sofa?  Or in this case, a SofaKing Ugly?

But this gift....  This one is super-special.  This says hey baby, you rock my world.  Or else it says, hey, did you know your friend was a freaky pervert?

(I just have to preface this with a "good Lord.")

It is especially awesome if the recipients name is Kermit.  As in, "Hey Kermit, big boy, come and get it, baby."

Or you could just do gift cards and cash.  If you want to keep your friends for another year.


somuch2say said...

Wow! Look's like Miss Piggy remembered to go in for her yearly exam at the OB/GYN. All that's missing are the stirrups. So, I'm guessing there's a good possibility that could be HER va jj in photo #3.

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

Oh my goodness that piggy takes the cake for sure. Definitely some good finds. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know this was years ago but. I know a dear friend brandon Edward reams with that dob. Please please email me if u can shed some light on where this was sold. Im in Jacksonville fl. He grew up in Pennsylvania. My email is angelalives4christ@gmail.com please and thank you!!!