Sunday, December 13, 2009

If I could live one day all over again...

...it sure as hell wouldn't be this one.

Warning. Piss and moan post, dead ahead.

As sucktastic days go, on a scale of one to ten, where ten is complete and utter catastrophe, chaos, and mayhem, and one being, oh, say a broken nail, today rated a solid 5. All things considered, it wasn't the worst of days, but bruddah, it was no picnic, either.

1. Rain. Cold, crappy rain. All stinkin' day long.
Hello, December? Um, where the frick is my snow?

2. At grocery store (after running in from said cold rain), only about halfway through and the celly rings. 'Tis the hubs. "How close are you to being done?"

"Uh, only about halfway."
"The Christmas tree fell over and there are ornaments, glass, and water everywhere. I am standing here holding it upright and need you to help me."

So, I park the cart up front, tell a girl in customer service that I will be right back, and can I leave my cart there? Sure, she says. I rush home to find a hella mess. This is one gargantuan tree. When they say "the bigger they are, the harder they fall", they ain't playin' around.

**Pause P&M session to say YAY! None of the ornaments my mom made me over the years when I was growing up broke. All were intact, which is no small miracle, as they are all ceramic! Not to mention the best part...the tree did not fall on anyone. **

Resume Pissing and Moaning...

3. Returned to grocery store (p.s., called and told them I would not be back any time soon, and to please put back the refrigerated items, only to be told that the CS girl did not relay my message to hold cart, and all items were placed back on shelves. Sheesh.) I am in the meat section looking for ham hocks, which I have no blessed idea what they are supposed to look like. Who eats this crap? Apparently we need them for ham and bean soup, that Dave was making (supposedly, but more on that later...) OK, in the meat section, and suddenly some random woman is going, "Hellooooo, Hellooooooo, HELLLOOOOOO!" and waving her hands in front of my face like I am some idiot. All with this totally exasperated look on her face. Apparently, she wanted my attention, no? And apparently, I was ignoring her, or MAYBE I AM DEAF IN MY RIGHT EAR? How about that idea, lady? Her big hairy deal question, "What is today's date?" I was flabbergasted at the rudeness and managed to mumble out "The thirteenth, I think." I looked for that broad all over the store for the rest of my shopping trip so I could give her a frosty explanation as to why I did not answer her when she needed my attention for the oh-so-important date so she could decide whether or not she wanted to buy whatever meat she was considering. At least, I think I would have said something. Probably not, but in my head, I gave her an earful.

4. Regarding the aforementioned bean soup, hubs had to run an errand (yes, important, but still...) and left me to do all the chopping of veggies and putting together of the soup. I hate onions, and had to chop a bunch of them. Bleh. The ham hocks are just grody looking and I did not want to even handle them for the time it took me to plop them in the broth. (Then again, I have some issues with handling raw meat.) Point being, if I was doing the cooking tonight, it would have been something simpler that had ingredients I actually LIKE.

I know. I am being a big whiny babypants.
It's Miller time, friends. Multiple Miller time.
Tomorra...is anotha day!