Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woof...? Please...?

The middle kid's new obsession is obtaining a dog. I am not sure where this came from...maybe from antagonizing my sister's dog, Abby, while we were (taking over) visiting her house this summer. I dunno, but the whole, "I reaaaaaaaaaally want a dog, mom...What about a dog, mom...? Wouldn't having a dog totally rock, mom?" thing is on my very last good nerve. I have put him off by saying, "well, maybe some day..." (while actually meaning hell to the no) but it is not pacifying the kid.

I am so not a dog person. I mean, I like my neph-and niece-dogs, Ernie and Lilly. Very cute, very furry, and very not at my house. All plusses in my book. I know if we got a dog, it would be another thing for me to take care of, and we all know my record with critters...*cough*fish killer*cough*.

So, I said that maybe he should just talk to Daddy about it, to which he said, "But talking is so boring." I asked what he meant and he said, "Daddy talks a lot.' Well-said, young squire. Yes, Daddy is a talker, and really likes to explain and (go on and on) share...

So, I said, "Well, we really should let Daddy say how he feels about it, since we are all part of the family and it should be a decision we all make.

And the kid wrapped it up with,"But, mom, you are in charge, anyway."

And I bought him a bag of Starburst and let him stay up late tonight. That kid is a rockstar in my book.


Christel said...

Aww. Mr. Hunter needs a doggie. Get a small one. Our 5 lb Yorkie isn't yappy and takes very little effort. More like having a cat w/o the litter box! :)

Lara T. said...

At least it's your kid! My HUBBY has been waxing nostalgic about how cool it would be to have a puppy under the tree for the kids....at which point, I will be watching from the couch, nursing our 2 week old and watching the chaos unfold...as well as the potty accidents!! Um, no thank you. I've managed to put him off til Easter. Wouldn't a puppy in a basket be GREAT?!!