Friday, May 8, 2009

Want to move to Florida?

You just might reconsider your answer when you see what showed up in my cousin's front yard. Sounds like her boys thought it was super cool, and I imagine mine would, too, but I would be crapping my pants.

Now, I used to live in Florida, and the worst I have seen are kamikaze cockroaches. You know the ones I mean if you ever lived there. They are MASSIVE and will fly off of the wall right at your face *shiver, shiver, shiver*.

But this dude...he takes the cake for freaking me out.


Anna said...

I think I'll stick to NY, no funky creatures here except for the possum and wood chuck that hang out in my back yard! LOL

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh!!!! No way! lol

Schmoochiepoo said...


Truthfully, I'd be more skeeved out by kamikazi cockroaches then gators. I don't do bugs well.