Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vocab by Maury and a cute old couple...

How's that for a combo title?

I was at PT yesterday and saw the cutest little couple there. The dude's name was Edwin (but goes by Sam. That's not actually his name, not even his middle name. He just said he likes the name Sam and always wished that was his name, so he introduces himself as Sam. See how cute already?) He was recovering from something that funked up his balance (just like me) and was doing all of his little exercises with the therapist. He was walking, standing on toes, working on the squishy mat... But the most adorable thing was, that his wife was sitting there watching him, all with a little distracted smile on her face and I noticed her feet. Without even being conscious of it, she was making all the same motions he was. She was doing his exercises right along with him. A silly little thing, but it just touched me. Marriage really is a partnership, every step of the way. I hope Dave and I are that cute little couple one day. I don't want to be the cranky old fart who thinks the world owes her everything just because I managed to live a whole bunch of years. Dave is so goofy that I can't even imagine him becoming some some crotchety old coot, so I think he is going to be ok. Unless I drive him to it.

On a totally unrelated note, as I was watching Maury today (yes, a guilty pleasure of mine...dang, I cannot get enough of those Baby Daddy shows. Why? I am not sure, but when it is on, I am compelled to watch...) and I learned a new word today. Or maybe it is a phrase...? I am not really sure how to classify it. When asked why her ex might be denying her baby, the Momma replied, "Because of two-face-ded-ness!" You see the dilemma here...how to classify that? For that matter, how to spell it? You learn something new every day. Maury sure is edumacational.


Wenders11 said...

Lol, I love this post so much! The woman doing the exercises with her husband made me smile and twofacededness cracks me up! :)