Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear Hubs,

I just wanted to let you know the things you do that make me smile...

The romantic little things you do...rubbing my back, snuggling... Even though you won't rub my feet. Damnit. You and the things that creep you out...

The way you let me sleep until I just can't stay in bed one minute more on the mornings you are home. You keep those little ankle-biters from busting into the bedroom, and that, in turn keeps me from morphing into The Cave of Wonders...."WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER?!?!"

You have my coffee ready in the mornings, most days, already poured, creamed, and Splenda'd.

The way you want to sneak into the boys' rooms at night before we go to sleep, just to peek at them snoozing. Then, you come out and say the same thing every night..."I just love those little boys."

The adorable way you leave your flip-flops all over the house...right in my path, where I can trip over those gigantic things, stub my big toe on them, and call you that which would mean that your parents never married.... Ok, maybe not that one...

The fun surprises you plan, and manage to keep secret. I can't wait to see what we are doing for our anniversary. But, let me just say that if it is anything that involves a sporting event, or a restaurant that has kiddie menus you can color, I may be a tad on the pizzed side.

Your patience when I get a hair across my ass to do even more decorating around here. I know this was your domain before I took over, and you'd hardly recognize the place now. That is a good thing, though. I mean, really, WWMD? (That's, "What Would Martha Do?") and suffice it to say, that I am guessing that she would have given me the green light to take down your framed "Beers of the World" posters. This place needed an Estrogen injection. So, really, I guess you should be thanking me for that one.

Mostly, I love the way you love me. You put up with my moods, my off the wall sense of humor, my nonsense. And you love me anyway. You should either get a medal or medication. I'm not sure which.

Thanks for the last seven years. Wa-hooo, what a ride. Oh wait, that was for last night.


"C" is for Cookie


Anonymous said...

Very sweet post and the cave of wonders comparison - I totally get it. That's me. Here's to men that let us sleep in so they may tolerate us a little easier. ;)