Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bite Me...The Saturday Edition

Just a few random things on my mind....time for a "bite me" thread...

My deadbeat ex-h can bite me. Maybe he needs to be dragged to Maury so he will be forced to "step up to the plate" or any other overused term they throw out on there...

Two days of dreary weather can bite me. I know, I know... we need the rain, blah, blah...but mommy will need some Cuervo if we can't get some outside time today.

Hurricane Gustav can bite me. Good Lord, those people in N.O. have been through enough trauma, and still have not fully recovered from Katrina. Having been through the devastation of a hurricane, I can totally empathize.

People who can't see the big picture and recognize what is petty vs. what is truly important in life can bite me.

Nordstroms and Macy's can totally bite me. Who told them to roll out so many cute Fall shoes along with great sales of their summer styles? Damn. My wallet can't take it!!

And, finally, Christian Bale can bite me. (Please...?) And I mean that in a totally good, totally inappropriate way.


Wise Girl said...

seriously....you crack me up! :)

Brianna said...

Haha! Love it!

I think we should start an EWAN group (empty wallets against Nordstrom)!