Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to school time

Took my oldest to have his senior pictures taken today. I could only stay in the room to watch one set of pictures being taken. I watched my oldest baby sitting there in a dress shirt and tie....and Lost. It. I told the boy that he needed to brace himself for a lot of that nonsense this year. I am getting verklempt just thinking about it.

So we are gearing up for another year of school. Austin's last before college, and Hunter's last before Kindergarten. I break out in hives thinking about Aust being out on his own next year, and sending Hunter off to the big K. Think 5 is too young for a cell phone? : )

Speaking of which, I remember last year getting an email from my best friend who was going to get her kids (elementary and middle school ages) cell phones. Not unheard of, but her reasoning behind it was a little extreme. She was worried about a terrorist attack and needing to get in touch with her kids if it happened. Likelihood of this - yeah, slim to none, but I suppose not "impossible". I would be more worried about a Columbine or Virginia Tech-type thing. Seems a little more plausible to me. She also jokingly (I SO hope) said she wants to get some gas masks in case of a nuclear catastrophe. I love her. That girl is one hot mess. Her husband tells her what will happen, will happen...and what does she want? To be the only one left? I told her that if that were the case, I wanted her to give me a kick-ass funeral. Spare no expense. I mean, shoot, it will all be free, right? There will be nobody to pay! It'll just be her and the cockroaches, livin' it up. She got all domestic during that first week of school, too. Homemade breakfasts from scratch. I think Aust had a Pop Tart the first morning. Plus, girlfriend spent all day that day canning tomatoes. I went to the mall and we had Mickey D's for dinner. I did manage to squeeze in a Gymboree class for the two little ones, and vaccumed the playroom. I think I have her beat.


Anonymous said...

Wait, what?! Senior pictures? Have I really known you that long? I guess I still keep thinking he's not even driving yet. LOL.