Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday....the Vinyl Edition.

How I managed to miss the treasure trove that is vinyl is beyond me. Once you wade through the Tennessee Ernie Ford and Jim Neighbor albums (and yes, albumS is what I said...really? He was popular enough to warrant more than one? Ok...) you find such lovelies as these:

I am pretty sure I had this album... and it makes me wish I still had a turntable.

I am positive I did not have this album. And it makes me thankful that I do not have a turntable. However, my cousin did have a mad crush on Shaun (along with Leif Garrett) and "Da Doo Ron Ron" is pretty much burned into my cortex.

Thanks to shows like Mad Men and Pan Am, you might think the 60's were full of fabulosity such as this. (And I love this album cover...I am crazy drawn to all things retro these days!)

In reality, I would bet the 60's were more like this:

(I love this album cover so hard. Look at the smug expression on the husband's face. Got the little lady a fancy new sewing machine for Christmas. The wife looks like she is smiling to hold back the tears, and the boy is all "HAAAAAA! You got a shitty sewing machine for Christmas! What a load of suck!!!)

Polka time!!! And what kind of polka? Why, pleasant ones of course. Yinz don't want any death metal polkas here, doyanow?

(Note that both the woman on the left and the drummer, barely seen under the accordion player's armpit look bored out of their skulls.)

David Soul....Don't Give up On Us, Baby...

Check out the title of his album: "An Audience of One". Pretty sure it summed up his concert experience.

...that I sell you some life insurance?

(This one just made me laugh because the Captain's expression is the very one that Dave has ever single time I take his picture.)

And finally...

So much is wrong in this picture. From the hair to the lumberjack facial hair. Just so, so wrong.
And an album is just no place to feature chest hair and man nips.
Ah, the days of vinyl. No chance for kids 20 or 30 years from now to make fun of album art. Then again, who needs album photos when there is always Justin Bieber's hair?


Jennifer Schneider said...

I had that Shaun Cassidy album and the full size poster to match.

Special K said...

Awesome! I had that Mother Goose book but not the vinyl!