Friday, April 10, 2009

You know you're an old codger when...

...hidden profanity flies right past you.

This song irritates the crap out of me. I cannot stand Britney's voice on this song, once heard, the "ha-ha-hee-hee-ha-ha-ho" begins rolling around and around in my head, and the chorus is awkward. Why not say, "If you are looking for Amy?" Why? Because "If You Seek Amy", when you say it out loud and really listen to it, is duuuuuurty. How did I miss this? And even though I don't like the song, I have been known to sing it. Ewwww.... I am sure I sounded like a total toolbag.

In case you are on the other side of the hill, or getting there, let me re-state. If...You...Seek...Amy. Stay with me here, F-U-C....you get it?

In days gone by, I would have totally picked up on that right away. And been one of those hoochies singing it out loud at the club, I might add.

In a reverse kind of way it of reminds me of the time I was singing "Push It" by Salt and Pepa and my mom was horrified. She swore they were saying, "Ah, Bullsh*t".

Now I have become that mom with no clue. Damn. How did that happen?


Anna said...

yup! another old fart here, who heard the song a million times and never caught on!
thanks for the enlightenment!
Over the Hill here we come!

Schmoochiepoo said...

I still don't get it....