Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guess what?

Chicken butt!

And that is the joke du jour...or joke du every stinkin' day in the H house. My boys will tell that joke over, and over, and o-v-e-r, each time, accenting the punchline with roaring laughter. So, imagine my delight when reading a post by Caroline at Cheaper by the Half Dozen, and seeing her oh-so-adorable Evan sporting a chicken butt t-shirt! Thankfully, Caroline is a helpful blogger and added a link in her post so that I could track down said t-shirt and order two of them for my family clowns.

The etsy shop where you can find these is called Blue Turtle Collection, and Kate, the creator, is super-nice and so creative! You must check out her shop. I read a blurb that said her sewing machine took a dump due to a power surge, so her stock is a little limited at the time, but I know that she will be back to creating in no time. She makes the cutest diaper wallets, and if I were still a momma that carried diapers, I would definitely be buying one. The t-shirts are silk-screened, too...none of this iron-on crap.

So, high fives and a shout-out to Kate! Thanks for helping me continue to encourage smart-assedness and twisted humor to my boys.


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome. haha Love it!