Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catz with Fatz...

I haz one.

So I took the Keeton to the vet today. She was seriously behind on some shot, I forget what it is called, and of course, they had to check her poopz for parasites. Keeton decided to not make any said poopz before we left, so I have to now watch for her to take a dump, and collect it into a container, and hot foot it to the vet within a couple of hours. Hey, I got nothin' else going on. Why not transport a cat turd across town?

She got a clean bill of health right up until...dun-dun-duuuuun... the vet said the cat, at a whopping 15 pounds, was obese. Not overweight, not "full" ( as my mom likes to say...), but obese. She showed me an outline of a cat on a card. Looked just like Keeton's shadow. Then, she slid a clear sheet overtop of that with the silouette of what her body should look like. Yowza. Not even close. She tells me about all of the dangers that come along with an obese cat, one of which being that Keeton could develop diabetes. Yeah, I can see telling Dave that we have to start getting Insulin for the cat. That would really go over like a fart in church.

So, Keeton will now be on "light" food, one cup, once a day. This will likely make her super-bitchy, so be on alert if you are headed to my house any day soon. She is all girl, and when on a diet, can get pretty unreasonable. Enter with caution, and it is probably a good idea to invest in some shin guards. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

My mom found out about 6 months ago that her fat cat has diabetes. He is on insulin. Uh huh.

I have two fat cats. It's hard when you have three to try to control their diet. The vet wanted me to do 15 minute feeding sessions locked away. Yeah like I have the time for that.

Lara T. said...

honey, I'm honestly not sure how much Tigger weighs, but I will post a pic on my blog---Tigger tops that, I'm tellin' ya!! And I think ALL cats get bitchy when they're on a diet--Tigger can literally meow for hours and hours and he'll follow you and do so until you give in an feed him! He's a total pain!